About The Little Furniture Company

The Little Furniture Company started life more than sixteen years ago as The Little Chair Company, which soon proved to be very successful. However, our young families needed us more than the business, and so we downed our brushes. In the intervening years, we received many requests from customers who had already bought chairs from us, and wished to purchase further items as their own families grew.

Now that our children have (almost) flown the nest, we have relaunched the business with a new name, and plan to put our artistic talents to use once again. Ali Wright is the founder and artist, and works in the heart of the Kent countryside in an old oast house.

Although many of our designs are inspired by our beautiful surroundings, we also paint the more traditional children’s favourites, such as toys and teddy bears. Every piece of furniture is uniquely hand painted and personal to each customer, a feature that we both find inspirational and fulfilling.

The finished products are well packaged, and may be couriered anywhere in the United Kingdom. It may be possible to arrange overseas postage to certain countries but please contact us for further information and cost.