Designs for Children’s Furniture

Each piece of furniture is individually hand painted, so no two pieces are identical. For this reason (and allowing us a little artistic license – for example, we may substitute a duck for a cockerel) the designs will not necessarily be the same as those shown in the pictures below. If you would like to ensure that your piece of furniture is painted exactly as shown please contact us.

The designs on this page are some of our most popular, but if your requirements are not featured here, please see our bespoke section below. For further ideas and examples of designs we recommend that you have a look through the pictures in our gallery.

– Ballet Mice –

– Farmyard –

– Pirate Mice –

– Rabbits, Mice, Flowers –

– Safari –

– Soldiers –

– Traditional Toys & Transport-

Bespoke Designs

If you would like your little furniture to match a child’s bedroom, or have your own ideas for a design, please send us an email or call us directly to discuss your requirements.

If you would like a piece of furniture to feature your pets, then please let us know the breed and colour (or better still send a photo!). Although we cannot guarantee an “exact” likeness, we will do our very best to ensure that it is similar/recognisable. This is a unique way of creating a very personal gift.

We are also able to paint your own pieces of wooden furniture.

Chairs and tables with customers’ pets (above and right)

A ballet mouse table featuring customer’s own dachshund (left)

A dinosaur chair, commissioned in a colour scheme to match the child’s bedroom (right)
A keepsake box to be used as a box for sewing materials, with artwork depicting a golden fish, embroidered by the recipient. A gift, commissioned in secret! (Left